Friday, February 2, 2007


Sugar is my most hated sector because it has been banking on govt policies(budget ) and ethanol story. Carbon Credit though has also played a role.
But as usual value attracts and most sugar stocks are looking very well valued but still a downside of another 5-10% remains from here.
I dont think a value investor should wait for these downsides but accumalate on falls from here!!!
Real quality stocks having ethanol story will really appreciate other will dance without a story!
So real quality stocks which are well bagrounded are given and a buy is recommended
This is in order of my preferences:

Shree renuka is a buy at 280-300 225 is ideal
Bajaj hind at 140 is ideal 120-135 will do
Balrampur chini 65 arnd ideal 50
Dhampur at current levels or -15%

All stocks can be bought now and averaged at ideal levels!!!!!

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