Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Its good to see a correction....

It was really nice to see a correction comming in..... This will help to set up a base for the further rise..... I see 20200 back but with fundamentally good stocks........
I hold my target of 22500-25000 for long term players...
Oil looks weak at $ 97 a barrel
Power stcoks look good after a correctioon and tehy might see a good rise from hear too
hence a hold is suggested.
Commidities will make steel sparkle........
Regarding IT everyonewill tell what to do
My answer is that they still grow from 10-15% why not add
they are still holds.........will be rewarded in the long run........
I look Infy wipro satyam HCL tech mindtreee good but ii cant forget geodesic and Rolta on corrections.
We havent finished a bull run nor in its midway is my word but we would like to accumalate stocks where earning visibility is ssen
Evry one having sadbhav engg my call can hold
I maintain a target of 1200, let it test its time in 1000.
Infy looks good on supports near 1625.
I dunno why i love infy :P hahhahahha
To add to the list cairn india looks good above 200+
Mudra SEZ will list take a long term bet on it..............
Thats all for the last blog of the year it seems unless sum suoearnatural occurs
cya tc enjoy