Wednesday, June 13, 2007

mkt review

I think the correction needed was sufficient to accumalate funds for DLF
But valuation wise atleast 13400 is an imp zone where value buying can be done for long term
Some stocks are richly valued for longterms
all bieng in A grp are autos!
Tata Motors -640
maruti 720 odd
an M&m
bharat forge again is comming in the best zone 300-306 hehehheh

Buy HEg at 166 good story good price
Praj is rallying and many other power stocks
hold on!
u cant book profits

Avaya looks good arnd 300 in valuation

My views on DLF
Subscribe the poison if u can feel the pain for longer times!

Icici bnk post ipo will remain quite strong
u can trade in both directions it will be jittery to give profit
band 845-950
1000 will be aproblem to cross on weak mkt days!hehehhe

Buy in rolta @ 390
and infy
both look good aat these rates
investors at higher rate may not exist

Pharma buy aurobindo pharma and suven life ciences
dont forget jupiter biosc.its risky although!