Tuesday, October 16, 2007

time to buy

buy low PE stcoks
like infy and others
Ril energy is worst hit ...one who goes up comes down qucikly
mkts will come up above 18k

Friday, October 5, 2007

we are indeed in an uptrend but are we expensive?

we have always said that the mkts above pe multiple of 25-26 (17k for today) is expensive but the ease at which we are trading is astnoshing to all analysts. Emereging mkts are always discounted and indeed expensive hence. But we are the second fastest growing economy in the world why cant the discounting be for a long period?
Chinese mkts showed bumper growth and easily trade at Pe multiples of 38-50 which is a result of heavy discounting. The question at pe multiples for us should not be that we are trading at heavy valuations but should be "Are we redefining the word valuation for the Indian economy"
If the answer is if we are the why cant we too trade at 45 PE multiple and if it does i see the mkts above 20000 or more say 25000. The only thing needed is the change of perception for this................. :)

It is absolutley the same mkt the same thing which we see but the lenses will change hence the colors of growth......

So keep a watch on index stocks like RIL(and RCom) L&T SBI Bharti BHEL ONGC.........
They look cheap if we change perception......its upto u too decide...