Monday, May 12, 2008

Some small cap Ideas

Small caps ahave always been rsiky in tumbling markets...

Some a few that seem goood.
Kalpana Inds(CMP 105).........nice company a P/E at abt 5. A pretty decent P-BV and growth tooo...excellent product line.
Visesh Info...good in It space along with Cerebra Integrated Technologies.
Already people who lifescience were caught in a midcap Camson 90 odd
has bounced back to 120-130 levels
accumate all the above for a a risky high return play..

Among the largecaps....
Jindal Saw....
Bad results.
But this is a time toi accumalte it...
current levels looks expensive as per forward earnnings.
Can buy on markets crash at around 500

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