Monday, January 22, 2007

New Short term trading ideas with high safety...after muy fmcg PICKS

Exposures in futr (advisible ) for 2 month (with roll over ) can be taken in hindalco and nalco at current levels. The down side from here is not more (less than 5-7%).I infact feel that no down side is left in Hindalco........
U can buy both buth hindalco looks much safer....
we see hindalco gaining atleast 10-15% in short term
For value buying investors for extreme long term these looks highly attractive in this expensive but still strong markets.If interested in aluminium story i suppose this is the right time to enter as valuations are descent enough.
Even if markets fall these stocks will fall less providing a buffer .FROM HERE ON (at peaks)I SUPPOSE SAFETY IS IMPORTANT THAN MOMENTUM.(thats why i told itc and hll last weak)
Exposures in futr for short term trades as well as for long term investors in cash if intereted in aluminium must be taken at these levels..

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