Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sectors of growth:Retail

The following sectors of growth can be targetted

valuations in retail looks to be higly stretched but still a hold is recommended in all because it just a beginning....................
Pantaloons is a buy at declines but the promise of short term return looks to be decreased as it rallied recently.A hold is recommended for people having holdings below 390.
Provogue looks to be peaked out as it is curretly at peak valuations although it is a gr8 stock to buy at dips more than 20% from these rates.Still better opoortunities do exisit than provogue
Shopper stop and Trent(a buy at dips) are a hold.
Piramyd retail looks to be most attractively valued in this pack at 95 levels.It is a good long term hold.For short term it is range bound between 88-102.Uptrends seen if only above 105 with huge volumes and in that case should surpase 120 levels too.Still it remains more of investor rather than a trading stock.
Bartronics is supposed to be huge proxy into retail (for more details please contact me).It remains a buy at current levels but short term looks a little weak due to a heavy run. My Buy suggestions for bartronics at 100,75,and 55 levels remain a hold for them,and can also buy on dips.For new entrants they should seek opportunity at lower levels or at these levels with a short term risk.
next series will be another growth sector so wait and watch!!!!!!

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