Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Trading ideas

Buy ITC looks good after budget Itc looks to be heading to wards 180
post budget 190-195 can be seen as well as 220 can be seen if 195 is crossed with good volumes as FMCG is expected to benifit post budget...........
HLL looks good (ITC though is much diversified). Post budget 250 can be seen or more is expected
Bhart Forge is an accumalate at 320-330 levels.If crosses 385 ,420-430 is easy to attain.
Bharti is a hold and a buy for long term
Hindalco and nalco look value buys and they are difficult to correct frm here
190 is likely in hindalco.
Tata steel is strong 550 looks possible once again in secondary rally. It can buffer portfolio in market crashes.
Sail will retain short term momnetum
IDFC still remains long term buy....125 is 9 mnth tgt may be achieved early too?
Opto ckt is a hold and should accumalate on declines

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