Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A detailed list on each sector.

I think no retail stocks look cheap valuation vise even after the decline.
But still i like too in midcap space

Bartronics: Buy already given at 145 arnd. I maintain it to be one of the good midcaop retail proxies. I maintain an accumalte at 145 around. We can see a minimum of 50% returns in the next 12-18 months depending on market conditions. Prelimanry target is 180 and 225 looks a secondary target. The possibiliy of earlier highs closing 280 is also a possibilty but quite rear.
One the risk return plot i will give it a low risk medium return at 145.

Piramyd Retail.
Its not a proficatble company since today. After the Ibulls aquistion it has a good future as the group does not pose any funding problem. Time period looks stretched overall. I maintain a hold for now and a buy on declines close to 70. A period of 36-45 months looks advisable in this stock.
In the risk return plot......high risk , high returns. A turn around Piramyd retail looks gr8 and can be a multi bagger.

The space has been out of limelight after the current bear phase.
Some midcaps and small cap look good
Unity Infras(545), Gremach (good price to enter 115),
In the land bank companies.........I am a bit sceptical but DLF ,HDIL and peninsula Land look safe. I would take safety companies especilly in this space..........Land is a bit hyped and can correct owing to global liquidity problems. However i see only 10-15% downside from here .......
Below that actaully means we are in a severe property correction phase or the global liquidity condition is quite stretched.
Jp Assco.....looks to be consolidate....i see 180-205 a good buy zone. Medimu risk mdium return on the whole space.
Unity infra however low risk medium returns.
Gremach at todays price.......high returns, mdeium risk...
will come up with more sectors shortly....
diversify....keep some dark horses in.....
one multibagger and 5 loosers , still u will be a winner.
As u know (100 sonarki ,ek loharki :) )

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