Thursday, April 10, 2008

I had given V imp status to NMDC

in the earlier scraps if u see i had said NMDC is very imp a strong buy..
from 9500 to 14000+ (now splitted to arnd1410).
This is in a bear market.
I think the rally we continue and the next pt is somewhere arnd....1750 (17.5k)

Long term target i maintain 2500(25k,275% return) target.

watch out.

Another strong buy i said was gremach infra...
keep accumalting on declines..
5 year hold. high risk, high return

LIC housing finance looks pretty decent for low risk people so returs will be low too..
target seems close to 350 (35% return)
buying zone best price at 250-260.

Infra(Land banks) is a bit out of lime lite...
collect ur favorite stcok at decline..
HDIL however is the safest...and the bluechip is DLF
The space needs time...

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